Find the best games to play at your next hen party

A hen party is one of the memorable celebrations for a bride-to-be and her friends. A moment of reuniting with friends and colleagues is truly remarkable moment in a lady’s life. Let your hair down and feast on delicious meals, and cool cocktails. There are lots of options ranging from naughty challenges to fun quizzes and drinking games. So we have offered you a variety games below to choose from. Enjoy the suggestions below…

Mrs & Mrs / Mr & Mrs

The game tests the bride’s knowledge of her to-be groom. These classic games will entertain everyone at the party. You can create a list of 10 to 20 questions and ask the bride. But, you may need to know the answers. Some commonly asked questions in the game are-

  • What are the bad habits of your partner?
  • What has your to-be spouse said about your habits?
  • Which words will best describe your partner?
  • What is  your would-be most scared of?
  • Which is the most romantic thing you have done with your to-be groom?
  • Who is his celebrity crush?

Toilet paper couture

It is one of the best games for a hen party. However, you have to split your guests into multiple teams. There will be a bride nominated for every team. The ultimate goal of every team is to design the most graceful wedding dress by using toilet paper.  Start your timer during the performance of every team. Best dress wins..

Who’s who

It is another game to challenge the bride-

The hens in the party have to take papers and write down some facts about themselves. For instance, they can reveal personal details-

  • I got married 2 months ago.
  • I am the bride’s childhood friend.

You may also add the polaroid photographs of a hen. The bride has to find the answer before the truth is revealed.

Hot shot

Every lady at  the hens party needs to have a shot glass. You need to fill the glasses secretly with water and a clear spirit. Let every girl take her glass. When you shout the word- HOT, each of the participants needs to take the shot.

The wine competition

Young brides like to taste wine. Each hen needs to bring wine bottles. The would-be bride has to select her favourite one. Make sure that the bride does not know who has purchased which wine bottle. Everyone rates the drinks for flavour and appearance. Collect the scores and give a reward to the bride’s preferred wine.

Thus, you can now choose the best hen party games and play them with your friends. You may also play more than one game all night long.